The Profitable Consultant

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There are quite a few of you who have expressed some interest in consulting. You may be interested to know that I will be writing a new book this year on technical consulting. My outline is complete and is currently being reviewed by Cisco Press. As soon as the particulars are hammered out, we will be striving to complete the 20 or so chapters in less than 2 months.

Of course, the post production process will take much longer than that - edits, rewrites, proofreading, copyediting, layout, etc. Don't expect the new title's release until the end of 2005 - at the earliest.

The IT Career Builder's Toolkit contains a chapter on consulting and a few different chapters on value-added technology development and project livejasmin development. The CD that comes with my current book contains proposal templates, time tracking spreadsheets, and an Access database for tracking clients, leads, projects and time.

The new book will expand on many of these topics and add to this toolkit. However, the current tools are the bulk of items I use in my current consulting practice.
In the new book, there will be great material on how you can move into full-time and profitable consulting on a part-time basis. This was the model I worked under and one that I have helped many others use as well.

Additionally, tracking time, management sub-contractors, reporting to clients, getting referrals, creating a personal brand, analyzing a business challenge, gaining recognition as an expert, and several other ideas will be covered in detail.

If you have consulted in the past or are a consultant now, let me know those areas you find most jasminlive interesting about the field? Also, where are your greatest challenges? If you have wanted to start consulting but have been held back or hesitant to do so, what would help you become more comfortable with the move?

Your input here would be greatly appreciated.